Cheer Brewing Up a Storm

South Gate High School is no stranger to amazing tournament performances and the cheer team is no exception. The cheer team practices ruthlessly Monday through Friday with long distance running, perfecting and choreographing new stunts, all while simulating competition routines to achieve the best performances possible. They have started to take competitions by storm placing 1st in two major competitions in the past 2 months. The first competition was JAMZ and was held at Cal State Long Beach on December 8th. With momentum on their side, the cheer team then went on to compete and place 1st at SHARP which was held at Azusa University on January 12th. With their week-long practices, the cheer team is aiming to sharpen their routine for the JAMZ competition to be held in Las Vegas on February 22nd.

Super Bowl Bust?

On Sunday February 3rd what everyone thought was going to be the most epic Super Bowl, it turned out to be a huge disappointment for most fans. What was supposed to be the two most dominant teams facing off in the Super Bowl, the combined point were sixteen points with the Patriots winning 13-3. The match-up did not live up to the expectations of either fans who wanted to see both teams compete viciously for the Lombardi trophy and set records. Both the Patriots and Rams were putting up thirty-plus points in the postseason but, failed to rise to the occasion. After Super Bowl fifty-three, Rams coach Sean McVay said “I want to congratulate the Patriots on their sixth Super Bowl win, second I was clearly out coached”. The Rams fan base believed the Rams played well that both teams were just equally matched with great spirits. Rams fanatics are hopeful that the Rams will be back next year.

Breaking the Competition in Two

by Daniel Arce

South Gate’s dance team, The Beat Breakers, have managed to pull off another
exceptional performance in a major tournament. The Beat Breakers have won first place in the JAMZ 2018 Regional Invitational in the category of Coed Varsity Hip Hop, and have qualified to participate in Nationals held at Las Vegas in August. Knowing that there is always room for improvement, the Beat Breakers will be taking the comments from judges and tweaking their routines. This will be an exciting opportunity for the team as they represent South Gate high school nationally.


2018 Toyota Grand Prix

By Christian Moreno

April 13th through the 15th , the city of Long Beach will host the Toyota Grand Prix for the 43rd time. The race will include cars such as the Verizon Indycar series and exotic sports cars such as Porsches, BMW’S, Audi’s, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, etc.

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Track and Field


Last year, South Gate’s track and field team had several strides of success, Ariel Conde (former senior) reaching CIF and the boys JV 4X1 team going undefeated to name a few. They want to capitalize off of the fact that many returnees were a part of last year’s success. Read More

Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics took place in Pyeongchang County and began on February 9 to February 25. 15 sports were played during the Winter Olympics, having countries fight for the Gold Medal. About 92 countries participate in this year’s Winter Olympics, including North Korea who formed as one nation with South Korea. Read More

Rams Volleyball

By Kevin Telles

Last year the boys’ volleyball team ended their season with a 22-12-1 record. They also had an impressive 6-2 record at home and were able to beat their rivals, South East, twice. South Gate won 3-1 in the first game, and 3-0 in their second game. The team was able to make it to the playoffs but lost against Rivera. Read More



WEST                                                                                                                  East
Team Captain:                                                                                             Team Captain:           Stephen Curry | PG                                                                                     LeBron James|SF

Starters:                                                                                                            Starters:                    Stephen Curry | PG                                                                                      Kyrie Irving|PG
James Harden | SG                                                                                      Kevin Durant|SF
DeMar DeRozan | SG                                                                                   Paul George|SG
Giannis Antetokounmpo |PF                                                                       Anthony Davis|C
Joel Embiid| C                                                                                             LeBron James|PF

Reserves:                                                                                                           Reservers:
Karl-Anthony Towns | C                                                                            LaMarcus Aldridge|PF
Klay Thompson | SG                                                                                      Bradley Beal|SG       Kyle Lowry | PG                                                                                          Goran Dragic|PG            Damian Lillard | PG                                                                                   Andre Drummond|C
Al Horford | C                                                                                             Victor Oladipo|SG        Draymond Green| PF                                                                                Kristaps Porzingis| PF     Jimmy Butler | SG                                                                                       Kristaps Porzingis| PF