What’s the Best Way to Manage Stress?

by Aranza Carillo

Whether your parents pushing you to do your best in school, teachers piling you up with work, or your own effort to get in to your top college choice, stress can get the best of you if you don’t learn how to deal with it properly. Too much stress can lead to physical effects like headaches or fatigue while others might feel overwhelmed by worries or have trouble sleeping. Whatever the situation might be, stress affects many students, especially those in high school, and if you are a senior, you are very familiar with it. The following are great tips to help you reduce your stress.

1.  Stay organized.

Keeping a clean workspace and organized folder, makes work less stressful and effective while motivating you to do your work since you aren’t wasting time looking through stacks of paper.

2. Take a break and do something you enjoy

Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself and do what makes you the happiest in order to forget about your stress for a while. It will help you stay happy and relaxed.

3. Develop better sleeping habits.

Having a goodnight’s sleep helps you feel energized and ready for school the next day. You can achieve this by steering away from sleepless nights which can be achieved when you avoid procrastination.

4. Talk to close friends and family.

Talking to people you trust helps a lot. Friends may be going through similar problems and will be able to relate to you. Your family may have advice and will support you the most when you need it.

5. Time management.

Many high school students are greatly involved in extracurricular activities. As a result, they don’t have enough time to complete every task they have. Instead, students should try and cut down a club/sport to leave them with more time to work everything out.

The Best of Fall Season!

By Anthony Castillo and Aranza Carrillo

Sweater weather is here and the change from intense heat to refreshing air can only mean one thing: fall has arrived! Autumn it is the perfect season to enjoy many outdoor activities in this holiday packed season. As summer ends, the long and warm weather days are beginning to fade, allowing the outdoor activities to fade. From thanksgiving to Halloween, fall is a favorite among many people seeking some family friendly fun or simply the time to relax. Fall holds many opportunities for everyone to reestablish new routines and try seasonal foods such as pumpkin pie or a Starbucks autumn-spiced latte.

Everyone who loves sleep will find fall a perfect time for them to catch up on sleep with the end of daylight savings in November which allows us to sleep for one more hour. The fall season is kickback time for everyone to recover from their summer activities such as beach trips. There are many changed coming with autumn. So, enjoy what the fall season has in store for you!

  • What’s your favorite fall food and beverage?
    • “Since I come from a Hispanic family, we always drink Chocolate Abuelita and eat pozole. It’s the same every year but I never get tired of it.” – Jacqueline Vasquez, 9th Grade


  • What is your favorite thing about fall?
    • “Fall is definitely a cozy season and its cool weather is way better than summer’s. I love the colors of the leaves and the holidays that come with it, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall is all about that sweater weather and chill” – Mauricio Machado, 11th Grade


  • When you think of fall what do you see/imagine?
    • “I imagine the leaves’ color change to orange and all I think about is spending time with my family during Thanksgiving.” – Antonio Sanchez, 9th Grade


  • What’s your favorite thing to do during fall?
    • “I like to wrap myself in blankets on a cold day and relax while watching scary movies or RomComs.” – Kaylee Hernandez, 12th Grade

Pranks Gone Wrong

“ One day I saw online that people were pranking their parents by sending them a message that said “Mom I need to go to the hospital I can’t see” and then continuing with ”my eyes are closed”. So I tried it out on my mom but it didn’t go as plan. My phone took too long to send the “my eyes are closed” part and she ending up picking me up to go to the hospital. I had to explain that it was a prank I saw on the internet and she was not amused. Lesson learned I’m never pranking my mom again.”  -Anonymous Read More

New Year, New Me

Montserrat Lara

Every New Year people vow that they will change the bad habits they have to get better, but that never really happens. You say “I’ll stop drinking soda” and two days into the New Year your cup is full of Sprite. There is also the “I’m going to start working out every day, so I’ll have the summer body I want,” yet here we are four months in and you ran to the corner to stop the raspado man. Instead of changing big things like this, try changing smaller habits first. Try drinking more water instead of cutting out soda first. Instead of saying work out every day try two times a week before hand. Ending bad habits may be difficult, so be careful about what you want to change this year.

   Another thing to change is personality, instead of always thinking negative think positive! Think of the good things that can happen, work out the adverse problems from your life, like junior Emiliano Castillo, “I always set a goal to develop self-help habits that will make me happy.”  Have a problem with a parent? Try talking to them and work it out, they can’t get mad at you for try to work things out. Having troubles in school? Try talking to teachers about what you can do to help yourself and your grades. Remember, only change what you feel needs some change and not what others want.


Our Year Check Ups

by Ariana Galvez

What do you consider the “best part” of high school?

Joseline Ibara (11th)

The best part of high school is definitely meeting and creating close friendships with new people you thought you’d never talk to; and of course being a part of Friday Night Lights

Ashley Garcia (10th)

My favorite part about high school is the ability to meeting new people who have become like family over the past few years. I also enjoyed being able to be apart of a cheer team that I hold very close to my heart.

Santiago Veja (11th )

The best part of high school are the experiences I’ve had with my friends and teachers because I think that they have shaped my personality, my future, and help me find my path in life.

Using 3 words describe your high school experience.

Joseline Ibara (11th)

1. Exciting

2. Stressful

3. Growth

Ashley – Nicole Garcia (10th)

1.  Emotional

2. Exciting

3.  Heartfelt