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Pranks Gone Wrong

“ One day I saw online that people were pranking their parents by sending them a message that said “Mom I need to go to the hospital I can’t see” and then continuing with ”my eyes are closed”. So I tried it out on my mom but it didn’t go as plan. My phone took too long to send the

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New Year, New Me

Montserrat Lara Every New Year people vow that they will change the bad habits they have to get better, but that never really happens. You say “I’ll stop drinking soda” and two days into the New Year your cup is full of Sprite. There is also the “I’m going to start working out every day, so I’ll have the summer

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Our Year Check Ups

by Ariana Galvez What do you consider the “best part” of high school? Joseline Ibara (11th) The best part of high school is definitely meeting and creating close friendships with new people you thought you’d never talk to; and of course being a part of Friday Night Lights Ashley Garcia (10th) My favorite part about high school is the ability

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