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Abstraction of Chella Man

By Kaitlin Wright As a 19-year-old deaf, genderqueer, Chinese-Jewish artist currently transitioning on testosterone, Chella Man’s abstract art style is unlike any other. Living by “Be Your Own Representation”, Chella Man takes the time to open up honestly about who he is and how he feels, particularly on these mass accessible platforms while inviting others to learn more about the

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Meet the Artist: Salvador Dali

By Alejandra Gonzalez Spanish painter, sculptor, filmmaker, printmaker, and performance artist; Salvador Dali, remains one of the most celebrated artists of all time. Known for his surrealism work in the 20th century and his creation of strange creatures based off everyday objects that allow the unconsciousness to express itself, Salvador Dali inspired a new generation to use imaginative expression. Dali

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By Eduardo R Miniature sculptures made using led pencils seem pretty odd, right? From meaningful sculptures to incredible ones, it is something we haven’t seen in the art world. However, a pencil’s led disfigured can be turned into animals, cars, signs, logos, characters, landmarks, items, and many known objects around our surroundings. Patience to carve led into something new and

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The Illustrator of Grotesque Horror

by Kaitlin Wright                  An artist experienced in manga illustration has made their mark in the theme of “fashionable paranoia”. Shintaro Kago, a Japanese manga artist, has had time to settle and gain popularity for his work, but there’s still plenty that isn’t just his well-known manga related art. With little knowledge and only two interviews found to be available

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