About Us

Welcome to our school’s online paper! We’re ran by  a staff of 44 dedicated journalists who all contribute to both our hard copy and digital newspaper. Each section is ran by a Section Editor:

  • Brianny Martinez, Calendar
  • Jesus Gonzalez, World News
  • Montseratt Lara, Student Life
  • Alexander Alvarado, College News
  • Daniel Arce, Sports
  • Amy Manzinas and Anthony Castillo, Opinion
  • Kaitlin Wright, Art
  • Samantha Perez, Odd News
  • Nikki Nuno, Diversity
  • Jennifer De La Torre, Entertainment

In charge of it all are Jennifer Garcia and Jesse Mendoza, our Editors-in-Chiefs. 

Our dedicated Business Managers work to sell ads for us to be able to produce a newspaper in the first place. This means we’re both student ran and funded. We distribute once a month and update our website accordingly. Thanks for visiting!