Anel Limon, Staff Writer

Angela Qustandi ,Seasoned Gaming

Gaming allows people to relax, disconnect, and distract themselves from the real world, so why should it be any different for girls. Despite the diversity in the gaming community, it is clear that young ladies face more toxicity than the males. Girls often face more backlash in the gaming community than boys because of sexism.  Once a gamer reveals that they are female, such as by unmuting their mic, the response turns misogynistic, or belittling. 

Once a female unmutes her mic in games like Fortnite, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), or Overwatch, the guys she is playing with start to turn the conversation sexual; they begin to ask her for her number, comment on her voice, or ask her to be their girlfriend just because they play video games.  This makes the young women uncomfortable, and as consequence they choose to remain muted or quit playing all together.  These players don’t want to be seen as a sexual object, all they want is just relax and enjoy playing video games.  They do not seek validation from male players, nor are they looking for a relationship. 

Higher expectaions are placed on these female players compared to the standards set on the young men. For example, if a female player makes a mistake in a game, the blame is put on her gender.  They are also belittled when they earn a low score in a game. However, when her counterpart gets the same level, they are chastised.  Additionally, if the female ranks high, they are insulted and accuse her of cheating. 

The female players are targets of horrendous stereotypical misogynistic backlash, they are told, to “go back to the kitchen” or “go make me a sandwich.” Some of the more concerning comments those that make references to sexual harassment and rape.  This lowers standards of the adult men who play, and becomes a horrible example for the younger gamers.  This sexist unaccptable behaviour does not take into an account the impact on the victims and viewers.

This reflects our current society, because it shows that men continue are to disrespect women, regardless of the environment. If you witness this behavior when gaming, don’t remain quiet; silence will only allow more players to continue this atrocious behavior. So keep in mind next time you play to be respectful, -the impact can scar people for life.

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