Paulina Martinez, Staff Writer

Twitch is a video live streaming service in which millions of people are constantly streaming their favorite video games, and thousands of people tune in. This is a place where streamers can create a community and talk to their fans while also playing various video games. For several people who watch these livestreams, it can be a place they use as an escape. For the most part, people in the streamers’ chat will be very positive and loving, but there are always those who don’t consider the streamers’ feelings and make rude comments, sometimes crossing the line. 

Twitch Introduce New Tools and Guidelines to Tackle Hate Speech and  Harassment
The Cyber Smile Foundation

It is common to see several streamers get hateful remarks because there will always be someone that feels the need to express their dislike for the content or even their contempt for the streamers themselves.  Many that are watching and reading the chat don’t think much of it because they assume that the streamers are used to it and that it doesn’t affect them anymore. Now that may be true for a couple of streamers (or make it seem that way), but the hate can be extremely hurtful for many of them. It ultimately leads to many streamers taking a break. If they’re usually receiving hate while on camera, it will ultimately lead to signing off, possibly never to return. 

Something else that is not hard to see is the harassment that many streamers experience. This is also a huge problem because not only does it make them feel disappointed, it also makes them uncomfortable.  Many streamers won’t respond to the hate in order to avoid giving them unnecessary attention. On the other hand, there are many that do call the person out and that is how viewers become aware that someone just said something hurtful or inappropriate. Now, of course, there are ways to ban or block people just as there is on every other form of social media. Thankfully, these streamers have mods (short for moderators) who are there to ensure that everything is in order and catch anyone that is sending negative messages. They will always ban people who are spreading hate on the stream, but the streamers can still see the messages, and it can still impact them. 

Twitch’s rules and guidelines always try to prevent streamers from getting an abundance of hate, which can be helpful, but it won’t prevent thousands of vile people from spreading their negativity. These people will take a chance at expressing how much they despise the streamer. Many of them do it to get attention or to make the streamer mad. Whatever the reason may be, this has become a huge issue nowadays. Those people should just keep in mind that if they don’t have anything nice to say, then there’s no need to say anything at all. This issue is awful and disappointing because streamers work hard to entertain those who love watching them. This much change, and these hateful people should learn to keep their negative responses to themselves, as they aren’t aware of the amount of damage it can cause to a person.

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