Rosamaria Prieto, Section Editor 

At South Gate High School, we have various extracurricular activities and programs that can be beneficial for students. Especially helpful and beneficial to juniors and seniors is ESCALERA, a program that helps students both personally and academically. The program provides internship opportunities, modules that guide the students personally, and makes students feel motivated. Leadership development, life skills workshops, and college visits are ways in which this program opens new doors to students and provides them with supportive services. They have mandatory meetings every Monday for seniors and every Wednesday for juniors, to ensure that students are benefiting from the program’s services. In order to be a part of this program, the college center gives out applications at the beginning of the school semester and the program goes on year-round. 

Interview with David Rodriguez (Junior)

How has ESCALERA provided opportunities?

“ESCALERA has provided me with many opportunities towards exploring STEM careers and has allowed me to make connections with people who can help me get resources to achieve my goal.”

What’s one fun memory from ESCALERA?

“The day that we went to a charter school in the area. It was so much fun doing experiments and looking at presentations based on different careers, meeting new people, and amazing food, it was just a great experience, not to mention getting to hang out with friends while doing this.”

Interview with Kimberly Morales Calderon (Senior)

How has ESCALERA helped you in your senior year?

“I am currently employed because of ESCALERA and they have helped me feel more organized with my life and has made my senior year a bit easier. They have workshops that help you with your PIQs and EOP questions”.

How has ESCALERA impacted you?

“It has shaped me into the person I am today because it has led me in the right direction in school and my life.”

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