By: Valeria Macias 

(Section Editor)

How young is too young in order for students to start thinking about college? For Independence Elementary, age isn’t a requirement for college. Recently, Independence Elementary hosted a college fair for their students from ages 4-10. The kids appeared very excited as soon as the fair began, they even started to cheer for their favorite colleges. As a way to add more excitement to the day, SGHS was invited to perform for the students. Cheer, dance, and band gave performances that left the kids in awe. With all these enthusiastic performances, the kids couldn’t help but to dance and cheer along. The principal, Milady Quito, talked to them and informed them about various colleges and what requirements they need in order to get in. Additionally, the school dedicated a whole week to college. Each day was portrayed as a different college and teachers spent an amount of the week teaching about the different factors for college, such as Cal states, UC’s, or privates.

Even though most of the kids don’t understand the concept of college yet, it’s never too early to learn. This way the kids are able to have a clear idea of what they want at a very early age. Though their perspectives on college aren’t very clear, some of them already know where they want to go in order to pursue a higher education. When asked why they wanted to go to college, their answers were all very similar. They all knew that they wanted to get to college in order to help out their parents and have a positive future with their families. Teaching kids about college at a much younger age is not only a benefit for the kids future but also helps them know what they aspire to be and how to prepare beforehand.  Overall, you’re never too young to start thinking about your future.

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