Interview: James Estrada, Karina Cortez & Alyssa Arellano

Photography By: City National Bank 

Article by: James Estrada & Karina Cortez

With a new school year comes a new wave of beautification projects. Led by our very own Principal, Mr. Gonzalez. The 2019-2020 school year will see many new changes for South Gate High School in the form of paintings, murals, new plants as well as many other revisions. Some changes have been made, such as the planting of new trees and the repainting of benches.  In addition to this, there are so many more projects planned for the future that involve painting the restrooms’ walls and stalls, covering up the tagged walls, and promoting safe, fun and welcoming environment. South Gate High School played a significant role in helping start the process of beautification projects for this school. Many staff members, as well as volunteers, put their heads and passion together to help make all this possible. However, we were not alone. City National Bank, a bank headquartered at City National Plaza in Los Angeles, California, was generous enough to provide us a grant of $10,000 for our projects. Also, the L.A.U.S.D. District itself had a hand in supplying people who helped and funded for the work needed. Our school beautification was not easy to conquer overnight, with the help of our school hero, Ms. Mikasa,  we were able to create the beautiful mural right outside of our classrooms. Ms. Mikasa worked hard to ensure that our grant was coming. It was a huge contributor to our artistic paintings and our lovely murals. The grant of $5,000 given to the school, helped our students to become part of something big within these projects. This art was placed on the back side of our cafeteria, and with its bright colors students can see this masterpiece while walking to class; this very generous grant helped cover supplies, like the items from the Mosaic mural. Once more, on behalf of all the students here in South Gate High School, thank you to everyone who took the time and dedication to make this school our home. Getting large amounts of people to come together to help make a beautification project come true was not an easy task. It was a long, complicated process that took 18 months to plan out. Once it was able to commence, there were only smaller obstacles that hindered or slowed down the progress our staff members and volunteers were making. Such obstacles included shortages in supplies, physical barriers like moving benches and dead plants, and trying to get so many different tasks completed within a day.Personally, these school beautifications have helped bring out the best in our school. As a student, the look and mood of our school is an important aspect when it comes to showing our pride. Without it, we would feel less motivated to participate in school events and other activities. 

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