By: Montserrat Lara 

We all know and love the queen of attendance, Ms.Esturo, but the time has come for her to leave and live her best life. Not only does she play a big role in the attendance office as a coordinator, she also took on the leadership role in supporting students through National Honors Society (NHS).  

Ms. Esturo has been part of our Ram family since 1988 when she was called in to sub for Mrs. Nieda. After that she believed South Gate High School was where she needed to be and it was that opportunity that made her change her life for the better. After her 31 years of service Ms.Esturo decided it was time to retire.  This is such a great loss because the rate of the school’s attendance will drop as students lose the one person who truly cares for their attendance and overall well-being. Ms.Esturo also made the decision to leave because of her parents’ advanced age and deteriorating health. As older people need more care and attention, she feels the need to be there and care for them instead of leaving them in a home. It is much easier for her to do so since she knows their specific needs. 

Leaving South Gate was not an easy decision for Mrs.Esturo. For her it is a difficult goodbye because of the friendships she has created with everyone she works with; it is hard to leave behind the people one has known for so long. Not only is it difficult for her to leave her friends but it is also extremely difficult leaving all her students, as for Ms. Esturo, helping kids is her purpose in life. Now that she is sent to leave, it is extremely difficult to not be able to help, For her, signing the prom forms or making sure students’ attendance goes up meant everything. Her 31 years of service to South Gate were the best to happen to her. It gave her life purpose and meanning. On behalf of the Rambler staff we wish you the best on your retirment.

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