By Amy Manzinas

Getting attached to an online person way sound crazy, however, talking to people whom one has never met is not something new or out of the extraordinary. Ever heard of pen-pals? People have been writing to others from foreign countries since the early 1900s and throughout time, the mail correspondences evolved into emails and texts to fit the modern world.

Whether it’s through fandoms, gaming or social media, it has become easier to encounter “random” people on the internet and build friendships with them. It is no doubt that people do it all the time and that online friendships have become a natural thing. When it comes to dating, it is no surprise that people use apps, such as Tinder or Bumble, to meet others. The interweb is an accessible outlet where most of get to explore their interests. So why not do the same with love interests? The foundations of what makes a relationship stay consistent; it’s all about mutual sentiment. As long you’re safe about it, you shouldn’t feel restricted to dating friends from your clique.

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