By: Melody Aviles

Former Nickelodeon Star, Jennette McCurdy, who played “Sam” in the show “iCarly”, has recently opened up about her 13-year struggle battling anorexia, bulimia, and disordered eating. In a personal essay, McCurdy explains in detail how she battled these disorders for 13 years and has been in recovery for the past two, revealing that her eating disorder began when she was only 11 years old. McCurdy states that her mother was also a prominent figure of her struggle as she encouraged her anorexia and eating disorders even more. In her essay, she recalls, “As a child actress working in Hollywood, I quickly learned that remaining physically small for my age meant I had a better chance of booking more roles. Unfortunately, I had a trusty and dedicated companion ready to help me with my burgeoning anorexia: my mom!” McCurdy explains that although her mom encouraged it, she doesn’t hold it against her. She also shares how her mom would compare her body to those of other girls, portion out her meals, and count her calories. McCurdy points out that growing up she always believed her mom was “looking out” for her, but she didn’t realize she was only “aiding my disordered eating”. The iCarly star revealed that her mother was hospitalized for anorexia on several occasions when she was a teenager and still isn’t convinced she ever fully overcame it. After she booked iCarly, McCurdy became more obsessed with her appearance and would monitor every bite, exercise obsessively, and measure her thighs with measuring tape every night. The actor then turned to binge eating when her mother was diagnosed with cancer for a second time and, by the age of 21, turned to bulimia. All of these disorders were unintentionally fueled by those on set as they told her how great she looked. It wasn’t until her sister-in-law confronted her about her disorders and suggested that she get help. McCurdy explains that “recovery was brutal” but it has now been two years and she is doing well and moving forward. However, she admits that she still gets eating disorder urges, compulsions, and fantasies, but now she can fight and ignore it. Jennette McCurdy’s journey with eating disorders was tough as she explains, but she pushed herself and was able to get through it.

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