By Vicky Hernandez

With the spotlight on Lady Gaga, because of her role in her current award-winning movie, “A Star is Born”, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta’s talents are being highlighted in both acting and singing. Her  career did not start just recently with the movie, but instead at the early age of 4. She began to produce albums in 2008, which lead her to create her global top charted song, “Poker Face”. She continued this huge success by creating more albums to further grow her success. Lady Gaga was always very mysterious and attention catching, not only for her personality but for her symbolic cover art in her albums. “Art pop” was one of the top cover albums that was most attention calling; which presents a nude Gaga sculpture appearing to give birth to the world in the form of a large blue orb, with other framed art works chopped up in the background. As well as in the album cover “Born This Way” she reflects on her what we call “Meat loaf period” which is when nothing is too dramatic, too gaudy and no song was to big for her. Lady Gaga expresses her views on life and life morals through art and portrays her more in depth experiences through her music.

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