By Minerva Padilla

As many students have been noticing, universities are starting to send out their acceptance or rejection letters, which is a very conflicting time that continues until April. What many students don’t know is where to find out if they have been accepted, which makes them think that they were rejected since they didn’t get an email from the school. This is why your portals are important.

Almost all universities use portals to communicate with applicants about deadlines that they might have, and to notify applicants if they have been accepted or rejected. Many students tend to think that they will be notified via email and are confused when they don’t get one. This is a very common mistake that students have, which will often times make them miss the deadline to SIR( student intent to register) when they were accepted, and end up losing their spot at what could’ve been their dream school or only opportunity to go to university.

If a university uses portals, you will be notified in an email explaining that they have received your application and will provide you your portal login information. This email is often overlooked, leading students to believe they just were never provided a portal.

As universities continue releasing their acceptance or rejections, it’s a good time to go through your emails and find you portal information for each school and actually create them. Check them regularly in case they need certain information from you that have deadlines as well. Those portals should become part of your daily routine when getting on social media so that you don’t miss any information. If you have any trouble with creating your portals, you can always go to the college center to find willing assistance.

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