Emely Martinez
What makes a tradition? A tradition is a belief passed down within a society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. We have our own here at school in which faculty wants to have it get out there instead of being kept in a little circle of staff. “Mr. G Notick was a student here at South Gate High School back in the 40s and that is when he must have gotten the lettermen sweater. He was a teacher and then a dean. Later he decided to leave the sweater to the faculty association. People use to make comments about the sweater because we no longer make sweaters like this. The idea came up of auctioning the sweater, here at school, every year and the money will go to the faculty association for student scholarships. Ever since he retired, it’s been a custom from generation to generation. One year, Ms. Mayoral got the sweater for two hundred dollars and kept it for two years. She then gave it up and one of our counselors had took it for five-hundred dollars and gave it back immediately, so we can auction it again. The last owner of the sweater was Mr. Shlappy. When he retired last year, he gave me the sweater. Now it’s my turn to give it back to the faculty organization. This
sweater is important and no one keeps it. It represents the students that were here whom later became teachers, dean, or coordinators that want to give back to the school. I will gladly give it up in June, but also, I’m very sad because this means I am dethatching myself from the tradition. I hope the money goes for the students again and that this continues to go on and on for a very long time.” – Mrs. Esturo.

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