By Larissa Norzagaray

We look forward to graduation since the moment we begin school. The feeling amplifies once you start high school and your senior year is all you can look forward to. College applications are done, senior activities are about to begin, and you get your senior packet. Most people bought the most expensive senior packet that was offered for $330, the Ultimate Ram Package. Others bought the senior packet that cost $150, the Basic Ram Package. Despite both costs, it was very expensive for what the seniors received. On October 11, all seniors were told to attend a meeting after-school to discuss the senior packages. During that meeting, seniors were given a link to vote for class merch designs and a prom theme. However, the senior shirt voted on was changed because there were complaints that it didn’t contain red and black (school colors), yet the senior sweater failed to comply as well. Many sweaters contained spelling errors on the last names and some sweaters didn’t contain the number of their graduating class. The panorama picture seniors received is of extremely poor quality; blurring out the students’ faces. The worst part of it all is that the prom theme that won was changed by the senior cabinet.  Many people are upset because they believe that the Casino theme is cliché and tacky, compared to the initial theme that won, “Enchanted Forest” Many students are upset. Seniors feel that they didn’t receive their money’s worth and that the elected class representatives have too much liberty and power to do whatever they want; they believe their complaints have been dismissed by those in Leadership. Asking us to vote was pointless, if a different decision was going to be made in spite of the result, disappointing the seniors along the way. It was supposed to be a democracy, not a dictatorship.

Senior Karen Penaloza’s last name was misspelled on her senior sweater.


This is what some seniors had to say:

“Yes, I do think the package is worth 330 because you’re getting everything instead of paying later for your prom ticket which would maybe cost more and including the senior picnic, but the sweater could have had some improvements. The prom theme I’m not so happy about because it’s Las Vegas. You could have chosen night under the stars, put stars that glow in the dark on the ceiling and maybe use just fake trees around, maybe borrow from someone Christmas lights or put up lanterns or those vintage lightbulbs for center pieces I don’t like the prom theme period cause it sort of makes me not want to go. Even though the place looks nice, the theme messed it up for me but since I bought it I have no choice.”

-Melody Mena, senior

I took the liberty of interviewing, Student Body President, Idaly Godinez, about how she felt over the matter. This is what she had to say:

How did you feel about the senior packets?

“I didn’t like. I feel like some of the things they couldn’t control like the quality of the panorama picture, but the shirts and the sweaters could have been improved. Its frustrating that the things we voted for aren’t what was given to us. I know you can’t please everyone, but the majority should have been considered. “

How satisfied are you with the prom theme?

“It is what it is but from what I’ve gathered it isn’t the one that won, it’s definitely not the one that won. A lot of people were displeased with it. I personally didn’t like the theme, but it is up to the senior cabinet. “

Are you upset over the fact that they advertised one prom theme and chose to do another?

“It was just disappointing to see that the theme that won was not chosen.  One of the issues that came up were decorations, but I think, my logical thinking was that if you knew how much money was in our budget and how much we could provide with that, then why would you make it an option. If you were going to change it in the first place, then why would you even present us with options. Leadership has never done it like this in the past and it avoided a lot of problems. The senior class gave their opinion, and they were essentially not represented. I believe that the original theme could have been possible with side events such as fundraisers and I’m sure Ms. Byrd would have approved. I do not know why they went that down when there was a second option, the logical thing would have been to go down the list. So yes, I am upset because I don’t get why it had to be advertised like that. Even before there was a prom reveal, we all knew what had won, what we voted for, what our friends voted for, so it was just disappointing to see that they went with something completely different. I am upset and I know many people are upset as well. Were supposed to have say, but is it going to be considered after the fact.”

How closely did you work with the process of senior packets with the senior cabinet?

“Not at all. The only thing I did was help them distribute the packets. So just the last stage of the process. I took the survey that they give, but that is it. I was part of the process at the beginning but after expressing my distaste, my unpopular opinions, I gradually stopped participating in the meetings.”

As a student body president, you represent us, the students. How do you think they feel? And do you believe that the senior cabinet were listening to the students demand?

“Look you can’t please everyone, but the important thing was pleasing the majority of the people and I think it came down to the results of the survey. There are a lot of different ways to represent someone accurately. I’m not blaming anyone in particular but the process could have been better. Having been in leadership for a while, I feel bad for the backlash that they have but I feel like they had a lot of alternatives that they could have followed but they didn’t. Its frustrating. I’m frustrated as student body President, as a senior, I’m frustrated as anyone else that has to watch it happen. I believe that an apology could help a lot instead of ignoring the problem.”

What do you recommend for next years senior cabinet and the senior class?

“I think the organization of it all is important. Just realize that you can’t please everyone, but always take into consideration the majority. For the next seniors, make comments and communicate through the class social medias. If they need to advocate for themselves try talking to cabinet or Ms. Byrd, respectfully.”

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