February 15, 2019
Victoria Barkley
UTLA Chapter Chair and Art Teacher, SGHS

To the Editor:
First, as a teacher, I love when the Rambler addresses issues people think teens would never find interesting. The teachers’ strike affected students most of all, so it’s not surprising that you, our student journalists, would include coverage in the Rambler.
Congratulations, also, on the cover. That’s a strong photograph of our teachers in front of LA City Hall! I love the quirkiness of Mr. Wilkens full-throttle, juxtaposed with Mr. Sacramento’s La Raza power fist, which blocks Mr. Gallardo’s smile. It shows our humor and strength.
Inside, I appreciate the accuracy of your reporting on the matters we went on strike to address. It was so much more than a 6% raise, and no one seemed to understand that before we took to the streets. Sufficient nurses, counselors, and librarians, more green spaces, and ending random searches of students were some of the real issues for us. We cannot teach, and you cannot learn effectively, when learning conditions are bleak and dilapidated, and staff are too overworked to make any difference for
I also enjoyed your interviews with Mr. Martinez and Carlos Ramirez. Both had good points about the conditions that we are working to address. I personally believe that the relationship between Labor and Capital has been upside down for the past 40 years, and that the teachers’ strikes around the country are a sign that we are turning this around to benefit all Americans.
Thank you for covering our struggle.
Vicki Barkley

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