By: Melody Aviles

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom won Valentine’s Day 2019 as they got engaged publicly. The couple started dating in 2016, broke up in 2017, and got back together on April of last year 2018. Katy Perry shared the news on Instagram on February 15, 2019 through a picture of a beautiful ruby and diamond ring with red heart-shaped balloons in the background. Orlando shared the same picture on his Instagram with a different caption making it clear that they were engaged. Katy Perry’s mom also shared many pictures of their engagement on her Facebook, even posting a close-up picture of the ring. The engagement ring is said to be worth $5 million dollars. Although the ring was absolutely stunning, many people were making comments about how the ring was very similar to the one Orlando Bloom proposed to his ex-wife Miranda Kerr with in 2010; Both similarly shaped flower rings, except for the colors which were very different. Many people found this a bit awkward, but Katy Perry seemed to love her $5 million dollar engagement ring. The couple was very happy as they announced their engagement to the world and fans were also very supportive and had many positive reactions towards this beautiful announcement.


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