By Nikki Nuno

March is Women’s History Month, celebrating the groundbreaking progress women have made to get where they are ow in the 21st century. Starting in 1987, this month is recognized as a time to look back and appreciate all contributions women have implemented to our history.

This month is also known as National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, to help promote the public’s knowledge on understanding issues affecting people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities. These are just a few of the special holidays celebrated throughout the world during this time of the year. March is an especially diverse month when it comes to traditions and cultural exchange; here’s a list of everything happening around the world this month!

2nd: St. David’s Day. The feast day for the patron saint of Wales

3rd: Transfiguration Sunday. Celebrated by several Christian communities in memory of the transfiguration of Jesus.

4th: Maha Shivarati. A hindu holiday which honors one of the most influential Hindu deities, Shiva.

5th: Mardi Gras. I’m sure you’ve heard of this one, it’s the last day Catholics are able to indulge before Ash Wednesday, in which they fill the streets of New Orleans with dancing and traditional street foods before the sober weeks of fasting that accompany Lent.

6th: Ash Wednesday. Recognized by Christian faith, members mark themselves with ashes as a sign of atonement seven weeks prior to Easter. It is a time of reflection and preparation for the Holy Week by fasting.

8th: International Women’s Month. Starting in Germany, it is now celebrated across the globe to honor women’s economic, political and social achievements.

11th: Clean Monday. The official beginning of Lent in Orthodox Christian faith.

March 17th: St Patrick’s Day. Celebrated in Ireland in memory of St. Patrick, who introduced Christianity to the country in the early ages of the religion.

20th: Ostara. For Wiccans and Pagans, it is a time to mark the beginning of Spring and the fertility of the land.

25th: Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. Observed by Christian faith, it celebrates the announcement angel Gabriel made to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus.

31st: International Transgender Day. A day of awareness to transgender people and their identities, also expressing appreciation to those who helped fight for the rights of trans people.

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