By Nathalia Arevalo

Men and women from all backgrounds spend millions of dollars on makeup annually. According to a 2018 study by Nielsen Company, makeup consumers spend 63.5 million on makeup, while African American’s money makes up 85.65% of it. So why is it that both men and women of color lack range in skin tone products if they make up most of the consumers? Makeup companies such as Tarte Cosmetics and Too Face stock millions of shelves with their products. However,  many people of color have to settle for shades close enough to their skin tone or use multiple bottles to mix shades and at the same time, meanwhile, those who have fair complexion can walk into a beauty store and easily find their shade.

tarte foundation
2018 Tarte foundation launch which received backlash for the lack of dark shades.

Many companies have faced backlash for their lack of dark shades and undertones. Recently, Tarte Cosmetics released a wider range in foundations after receiving backlash during their first launch in 2018. Luxury brand Marc Jacobs also received criticism for their foundation launch of 22 options but only 4 shades available to darker people. Yet within the hundreds of cosmetics brands, there are a few who raise the bar. Makeup brand Fenty Beauty, founded by musician Rihanna, debuted with 40 shades ranging from shades made “for very fair skin with neutral undertones” to “very rich, deep skin with neutral undertones” as stated in Fenty Beauty’s website. Drug store brand, Maybelline created a foundation line with 40 shades including mainly dark shades.

With the praise for Fenty Beauty comes the new standard for makeup lines: to include everyone. After Fenty’s and Maybelline release, other companies need to follow the lead and create new products for more complexions.

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