By Nataly Roa

Have you ever wanted to leave the stress of an overpopulated city? About 90 miles away from the main city of Los Angeles, lies a breathtaking resort within the San Gabriel Mountains. There, you’ll get to experience one of the best snowy destinations around in this season! There are three resorts to choose from: The East, West, and North. Each have their own ski slopes, restaurants, and lodging!

Each of the resorts have a unique set of areas to ski and snowboard. Snow is constantly dropping so every day spent there is a different experience. Different areas of experience are offered so everyone can enjoy the mountain and learn how to ski and snowboard within hours! The weather is cold, so make sure to come prepared, especially if you want to experience the Night Riding.

At the west resort, you can dine inside of the Bullwheel Bar & Grill, the most popular dining area at Mountain High, that serves chicken sandwiches, BBQ ribs, salads, and much more. There are other diners across the west resort that serve breakfast, burgers, hotdogs, and hot cocoa to warm up. The resorts themselves do not have housing, but there are many hotels, motels, camps, and even cabins to rent out! Be sure to call ahead if you plan to go! For more details such as prices and when are the best days to go, check out their website:

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