by Tanairy Robles

Julian Hernandez, 17, is a transgender male who has been happy in his own skin, something many aren’t because they might be treated differently. Being in the LGBTQ+ community comes with so many struggles, yet the optimistic Julian wears a smile every day and proves he is still strong. Julian states that he has never had anyone approach him the wrong way nor has had an experience where anyone treated him differently when he confirms his identity.

He believes finally being open and happy in his own skin had changed him to be a better version of himself. Julian does not let any negativity get into his head because he knows that one day he will get to live to be the man he truly is. He advises his younger, struggling peers in the LGBTQ+ community to attempt to not let the fear or the bullies get in the way of their own happiness. There are many resources for someone to help cope with these things find peace. He admits that some days will be hard, other days will be harder, but finding inspiration to continue every day is important.


Julian found out he was interested in girls at a young age when many of his peers were talking about guys. He knew he felt differently but had amazing friends to support him throughout his journey. Being in the LGBTQ+ community has many struggles within it, which could lead to distractions and, for students, get in the way of their school work. However, Julian shares that he finds graduating school an important goal for him and continuing on to college. He enjoys sharing his positivity all around and loves his involvement with school activities. Julian aspires to be a successful scientist in the future and has already begun this journey as President of Chemistry Club.

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