By Elizabeth Padilla

Valentine’s Day will be a little less sweet this year without its most popular candy, Sweethearts.

Sweethearts, the heart shaped candies inscribed with messages like “Be Mine” and “Crazy 4 U”, won’t be on the shelves this season.

New England Confectionery Company, otherwise known as Necoo, made the conversation hearts, a staple of Valentine’s Day gifts for decades. However, Necco abruptly shut down in July after an investment firm bought it from a bankruptcy auction. It got new life when it was subsequently bought by Spangler Candy Co. in September, but by then, it was too late to restart production and distribution in time for Valentine’s Day.

However, Clair Robins, a spokeswoman for, says all might not be lost. While the owners of Sweethearts may not be selling them this year, Robins noted that the Illinois-based confectioner makes a similar line of conversation heart candies (though the company’s recent Twitter mentions indicate that not everyone is satisfied with the alternative).

For those who are Sweethearts loyalists or “love the flavor and ethos of the brand,” Robins said they could try to hunt down some of last year’s stock online. That said, depending on the storage, the candy could expire or degrade, she noted. Alternatively, they could just wait until 2020.


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