By Elizabeth Mendoza

Recently, singer Chris Brown was released from police custody after being accused of rape and drug violations in Paris.No details are being released about the ongoing investigation by the U.S Embassy in Paris other than the fact that charges against Brown and two other have not been made. The singer then took to Instagram, denying all accusations made against him. In his post he wrote, “I wanna make it perfectly clear…This is false and a whole lot of CAP!” Not many people believe Brown due to his many encounters with the law.

     Back in 2009, Brown was charged with physical assault against then-girlfriend, Rihanna. Along with those charges, he has also been charged with felony assault. Before the incident in Paris, he was arrested after a concert in Florida for an accusation made against him claiming he punched a man, who may have been a paparazzi. Sources say the paparazzi photographed Brown without authorization. With all his run-ins with the law, it is hard for people to see the singer as a good-hearted person. His past gives them many reasons to.

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