By Tanairy Robles

Ed Buck, a frequent donor to the Democratic Party, has been under investigation about the incidents occurring at his home. Two gay, black men were found dead on his property on two different occasions. The police opened an investigation following the suspicious deaths.

The first victim, Gemmel Moore, was found in 2017, passed away from an apparent methamphetamine overdose. The most recent victim, Timothy Dean, 55, was believed to be intoxicated before entering the home of Edward Buck. Because of the suspiciously close timing of these two deaths, law enforcement opened a case on Ed Buck, investigating the murders with motive.

Writer, Jasmyne Cannick has kept a close eye on the case, criticizing the lack of justice and coverage this has been getting. As she grew a deeper connection with Gemmel Moore’s family, she uncovered a riveting yet disturbing piece of evidence. As the body of Moore was returned to his family, his journal was also given back where Moore wrote that Buck allegedly made him addicted to methamphetamine, drugging him against his will. Along with his journal, Cannick conducted interviews with men who allegedly were paid by Buck in exchange for sex and drugs, along with an offer to a methamphetamine injection. Cannick accuses Buck of predatory and racist behavior, targeting vulnerable victims and social outcasts but remains under the shadows because of his political party and because of the type of victims these men were. Two gay, black men.

Many speculate Buck is protected by the Democratic party because of his donations, in June alone Buck donated $23,600 to multiple California races and causes. With the lack of awareness and justice for these two men, the public is left with nothing else but to wonder what is behind those closed political doors.

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