By Minerva Padilla

Everyone knows that going to a university is expensive and could leave you in tremendous debt which is why many times people decide to go to community college. Although community college is less expensive than a state or private university, sometimes the tuition is still too much for some students to pay which is why the LA college promise was made.

The LA college promise is partnered with many organizations, such as LAUSD, and is designated to target graduating seniors to pursue a higher education. It provides one-year tuition to any community college that is part of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACD).  This is an amazing opportunity for students who decide to go to a community college because they save the money from their first year’s tuition and can use it for their second year or for any personal needs. Not only does it cover your first year’s tuition, it also provides you with academic counseling and enrollment benefits.

To apply to the LA college promise you must complete an application online at where you can find out more information and also read pervious students who were awarded the LA promise. If you decide to get assistance from the promise you must also complete FAFSA, the Dream Act application, or the State Fee Waiver application.Each community college has a different priority deadline and if you are considering applying for it you must research the school to know when the deadline ends.

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