Selina Quintero

The SAT, Scholastic Assessment Test, first appeared back in 1926, given to 8,040 students. It first started with giving the students 90 minutes to answer 315 questions. As time changed, so did the test, as it now comes with different sections and time limit. As of recently, the College Board has decided that all juniors across the nation will be taking the SAT on a set date. Just like the PSAT, juniors will be taking the College Board SAT during school hours. The Nationwide SAT will be taken in April of this year.

Taking the SAT is essential to apply to college, especially for juniors. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has implemented the SAT as a required college-readiness test for all juniors. All public high school juniors must take the SAT in order to earn a high school diploma. SAT scores will be shown on the transcript, unless parents request that the score be removed. This has stirred up the conversation, if requiring them to take is a god idea or not.

Taking the SAT multiple times has its pros, as it gives you a chance to get a better score.  A major con is that students who have no intention in attending college will be taking it for no reason. However, if they ever have a last minute change, they will need those SAT test scores to back them up. Another reason why the SAT is a good idea, is if you are planning on attending college, a high score would make up for a low GPA.

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