By Kaitlin Wright

Realistic sculptures of babies that have distorted, creepy faces and limbs seems disturbing and possibly gory, but in the art world, this is the opposite. Tiny disfigured baby figures are placed in daily over-looked items such as: tins, gumball machines, jars, pill cases, and into books. These usually replaces a common item that would be found in these containers. The creator of these tiny sculptures goes by @qimmyshimmy on Instagram, but is a 27-year-old sculptor from Singapore who goes by the name of Qixuan Lim.Her website,, gives a few glimpses of her popular pieces.

Qixuan never intended her art to end up with a platform as big as she has now, as she had only created what she found interesting. Her pieces often depict a very round and chubby baby face, organs, and limbs, that could be made into sculpted pastries such as cake, pie, and macaroons placed into opened boxes as a surprise.

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