The girl’s varsity soccer team has taken the Cup to the home of the Mighty Rams once more. Managing to keep 1st place throughout the tournament, luckly, they started their first game with a score of 5-1 against Belmont HS. The second game was up against Westchester HS, were they ended the game with 4 goals to their advantage.

The following day they were to go against Torres, which had resulted in a total of 2-0, with South Gate having the most wins in the tournament. The last game, although it was the most intense play of the day, South Gate didn’t stop impressing by keeping their streak of 4 wins and ending up as Rams champions.

Three of our players, Dafne Renteria(forward), Ana Albanez

( play maker), and Natalie Alvarez(forward), were awarded MVP of the game for outstanding sportsmanship and hard work.

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