By Larissa Norzagaray

There are people in this world that will say one thing to your face and then go around and say another thing behind your back. There is nothing worse than hypocrisy. Many people will stand with one belief but then magically switch their views when it’s convenient. For example, many people preach feminism but then they love to put females down, or when someone will support an artist and the other person agrees saying they love them, but they have been bad mouthing them for so long. Not only that, but when they say you can’t listen to an artist because of something they did but then they listen to them too. It is frustrating when someone blatantly disapproves of something but then goes on to act the same way they criticized others for. Hypocrisy surrounds all of us whether it be our friends, family, or people we don’t like. We’ve all seen it. Everyone has experienced that moment where someone or even yourself have been nice to a person that you didn’t like. You don’t have to be rude to them but don’t pretend like they’re your friend. I agree that civility should be held between the two, but don’t treat them like your best friends when you know it’s not true. You must own up to how you feel. Everyone has different opinions, but you can’t change yours just because someone doesn’t agree with you. It’s not going to make more people like you or want to be your friend, it’s the opposite. No one likes two-faced people, learn how to be your own person. You’ll never amount to anything if all you do is follow others.

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