By Lesley Huerta

As the time passes by and seniors await on their acceptance letters, the question of how college will be for their first year comes to play. Although the thought of going to college may seem overwhelming, getting an insight from another people’s experience can help you prepare. College students were interviewed to share their first-year experience on the reality of college.

Firstly, what did you expect college was going to be like vs how it is? How do you manage your time with doing assignments but also balancing your personal time?

Angela Mendez, 2018 alumni of SGHS who is now attending Cal Poly SLO, has shared her experience on college. She explains, “I expected college to be extremely hard especially compared to high school. I knew I would have a bit for freedom having to live in my own and become independent. By my experience is a challenge especially because all the people you’re in class with are just as competitive as you. However, college is so much fun. You get to meet so many people from different backgrounds and share your story with them. I manage my time by getting my work done before its due. Although there isn’t much homework assigned in college, I like to get a head start on studying to not leave everything for last minute. Prioritizing your time is crucial in college! It helps you stay organized and on top of it all. It’s good to go out with friends and have fun as a reward for completing your work.”

Selene Poblete, 2018 alumni of SGHS who is now attending Cal Poly Pomona, has some advice of her own to give to this year’s seniors. “When I began my first semester in college I was expecting my professors to be intimidating and the courses to be rigid, to be quite honest I was scared because in high school everyone made it seem that way. However, in my experience it felt like the complete opposite. My professors were kind and passionate about their job and the courses I took were, needless to say, easy. I wasn’t stressed, in fact I was happy. It felt good to be there. How I managed to balance my personal time and school time was simple. I had a planner where I wrote certain tasks for me to complete throughout the way, whether it be upcoming homework or study for an exam. I figured it’s best to dedicate a time and day for something specific rather than try to fit it in somewhere it won’t workout. Additionally, I considered my personal time to be any time I had left to spare to take care of any errands or even catch up with friends if I wanted to. It worked for me, hopefully it works for others too.”

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