By: Ariana Galvez

Everyone has different fears for college or for their future. Some are afraid of getting lost, others fear that they won’t like it and they are simply wasting their time and their money. For many of us the biggest fear is not enjoying the major we choose, then having to change it and start all over. I asked a few seniors what they were most afraid of for college. Here’s what they said:

“ Some fears I have for college are getting lost, not being able to have a decent relationship with my professors, and  not getting into the programs I need in  order to succeed” Nicole Salas 12th


“Procrastination, finding a group I can hang out and study with, and the rigor that we are not prepared for here compared to wealthier schools” John Gonzalez 12th


“Mainly, financial needs; being accepted into the college I want but not being able to afford it” Brian Osegeuda 12th


Most of these are easy fix, for example if you are afraid of getting lost, the best fix is to visit these colleges beforehand and take a look around so you can have an idea on where your classes are located. If you are afraid of not having enough money, make sure you apply for as many scholarships as possible. Even if you don’t think your going to get it. It doesn’t hurt to try. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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