By Aranza Carrillo

Animal rights advocates for all animal species and their right to their own lives and against being subjected to becoming our food, clothing or testing materials. They deserve the right to live freely without cruelty. This isn’t just a random idea, but a social movement supported by many people who challenge the views of those who believe only humans matter. Animals aren’t things or human possessions but instead living species who have feelings and don’t deserve the cruelty they receive.

Luckily, there are many foundations such as PETA and ASPCA, who fight constantly for animals. Because of these organizations, major airlines stopped shipping monkeys to laboratories for experiments. In addition, more than 200 pets were rescued from animal-testing facility in North Carolina and India banned the testing of cosmetics on animals.

The following are interviews pertaining to the question:

Do animals deserve rights?

  • I am for animal rights because they have emotions just like us and therefore, they should have the same rights as us.” -Marlene Clemente, 11th grader
  • “I advocate for the termination of their unjust suffering and exploitation which they are constantly going through.I believe they are deserving of moral consideration.”-Dafne Renteria, 11th grader
  • “I am for animal rights because they have feelings just like us, even though most people don’t see it that way.”- Kimberly Cervantes, 12th grader
  • “I am in between because I believe they have rights but at the same time I eat meat. They are unfortunately killed in the process.”-Antonio Sanchez, 9th grader

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