On Sunday February 3rd what everyone thought was going to be the most epic Super Bowl, it turned out to be a huge disappointment for most fans. What was supposed to be the two most dominant teams facing off in the Super Bowl, the combined point were sixteen points with the Patriots winning 13-3. The match-up did not live up to the expectations of either fans who wanted to see both teams compete viciously for the Lombardi trophy and set records. Both the Patriots and Rams were putting up thirty-plus points in the postseason but, failed to rise to the occasion. After Super Bowl fifty-three, Rams coach Sean McVay said “I want to congratulate the Patriots on their sixth Super Bowl win, second I was clearly out coached”. The Rams fan base believed the Rams played well that both teams were just equally matched with great spirits. Rams fanatics are hopeful that the Rams will be back next year.

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