By: Guadalupe Mota

Rewinding back to the summer of 2017, a wild fan theory about Taylor Swift traveling inside a suitcase to avoid paparazzi arose after a photo was released to the public. The image of two bodyguards carrying a large black human-sized suitcase was captured by a paparazzo outside Swift’s New York City complex. At first, no one thought anything of it. Though, moments later Ms. Swift was seen exiting the building by a few, bringing about the question of how she was able to travel in and out of the building unnoticed. Fans resorted to speculating that the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer must have came up with a clever way to remain incognito, hence, the suitcase.

Recently, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” collaborator Zayn Malik appeared on U.K’s Vogue magazine interview to share about upcoming projects, goals, and ideas. Interestingly, Malik mentioned how Taylor was “travelling around in a suitcase” last summer. This brought the public’s attention back to the conspiracies that had once circulated the media. Although Taylor’s team denied this, Twitter went back to questioning this theory.

One user tweeted “In your FACE, everyone who told me to lay off the wine at Friendsgiving after I gave a detailed, ten minute account of why she was DEFINITELY IN THAT SUITCASE.” Other tweets said, “taylor actually being in the suitcase… she is so dramatic like me too” and “taylor travelling IN A SUITCASE will forever be funny.” Whether or not Zayn meant his comment as a metaphor to symbolize her state of mind, it is understandable if Taylor has once resorted to traveling in a suitcase. Unless Taylor confirms these theories, we will never truly know the answer to the itching question: was Taylor really in the suitcase?

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