by: Emely Martinez

Some might say it’s undeniable that a book usually blasts its movie version out of the water. Reasons may vary but based on research, some of the common excuses are because the “movie gets lost” and the directors spin the story to their own take without the actual author sitting by their side. Books also allow the reader to “put it together”. Some movies could be more powerful because they play like books. Without the power of the visuals, books allow readers to put together the story and details in their minds. However, if reading isn’t something you’re interested in and you prefer movies over the books, Mercy Thomas (senior) might have similar reasons as to why:

  1. “I can actually see instead of only imagining. In a book, I create the characters and scenario. In a movie, I actually see and hear them!”
  1. “A movie takes about 90 minutes to an hour. While the corresponding book takes me 2 weeks or more.”
  2. “Action happens faster -and better- in movies. When it takes place in a book, since each scene is described in words, it happens slower than in real life, or without the same intensity.”
  3. mercy.pngMercy Thomas, Senior

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