By Nikki Nuño

Millennials are among the largest group in America’s working force and are projected to outnumber the population of baby boomers by 2019. They are also the youngest generation eligible to vote. But why do only 30%-45% of them show up to the voting booths?

Many are left with the assumption that young people have politics as the least of their worries, but what if the system was curated to silence their voices?

A 29-year-old named Megan C. who was part of an intergenerational interview, claimed that receiving ballots through postal service is difficult seeing as she is constantly moving due to her study abroad program. She asked why the electoral system is not more accommodating considering it’s been around for such a long time, and claims it’s “literally” the only thing that isn’t efficient in the 21st century. Her claims do have several truths to them: why is voting so difficult? Why can’t we vote on our phones through a survey format? There are several ways the government can appeal to the younger population, but it’s a matter of them wanting to. Those in the Supreme Court, White House and House of Representatives are the same age as our grandparents, if not older. The minority should not be representing the majority. Gerontocracy (government ran by elders) should be left in the past and the only way to ensure that is for young people to step up and vote as if your rights depend on it, because they do.

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