By Eduardo Ramirez

Society has continuously valued beauty by promoting celebrities. People concentrate on attractiveness, which typically symbolizes admirable appearances. Generally, cosmetic surgery confuses how we want to perceived as to others. But, the end of the day, you’re changing the form you were born with. Many people are pressured to have surgery, a trend that has been going on for decades, just to look young. Women, specifically are pressured since they are more likely to be judged on appearances. The media is full of glamorous cosmetic surgery promotions and celebrities to look perkier because of it, changing our culture. People believe they will be happier and more successful if they conform more closely to these cultural standards. However, beauty shouldn’t cost you anything and should not be a risk to your own health through nerve damage, scarring, organ damage, and general appearance dissatisfaction. The reality is that we’re judged on our appearance all the time so it’s perfectly rational to want to look good. However, plastic surgery is not the best method.

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