by Kaitlin Wright
Who would voluntarily be able to put their health and themselves through this pulp-less life? As controversial as it may be to have pulp in your citrus drink, anybody who can’t handle texture and non-artificial aspects of food has the same eating habits as a toddler. There is no good reasoning as to why somebody would voluntarily rid their food of necessary vitamins such as calcium, antioxidants, and fiber from the pulp itself. While both processed juices with and without pulp are identical ingredient-wise, it has been proven that pulp indirectly has positive effects on the body. Orange juice with pulp is healthier. Those who refuse to accept pulp in their juice, are the equivalent to those who don’t eat vegetables despite them being healthy. All throughout history, juice has been made to be natural, not artificial, why would it seem socially acceptable to be able to go against consuming what has been proven to be the correct form of juice both scientifically and historically?

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