By Brianny Martinez
The Forest of Light, featured in a beautiful botanical garden, is a mile long trail of whimsical and magical lighting experiences. The attraction is usually held at night because the hands-on art installations are able to effortlessly meld in with the atmospheric, luminescent forests. Along the trail, there are no signs or directions. Instead, visitors are encouraged to explore their surroundings and interact with the environment. One of the installations, called Celestial Shadows, is a series of pendants that lights shadows onto the ground. When a visitor gives it a push or a twirl, it transforms into a swirl of kaleidoscopic patterns.
One of the other installations, the Lightwave Lake, reacts to the push of a button that is accessible to the visitors, and it causes a large field with hundreds of faux tulips to change colors in waves. The tickets for the Forest of Light began to sell on October 15, so make sure to grab your tickets soon!

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