by Tanairy Robles
Youtube has been around since 2005 which would make it 15 years since the invention of the video-sharing website. Youtube has There has been popular youtubers since the start of YouTube such as Jenna Marbles, SMOSH, and etc. Shane Dawson, who is a youtuber, is getting a lot of recognition due to his documentary series about controversial youtubers which is divided. What I mean by divided is that there are people who love the series, and others that hate it. People who dislike the series often say that Shane Dawson gives racist/homophobic youtubers a platform.
I believe that Shane is trying to find a way to hear every side of a story from these controversial youtubers because society is quickly to judge others or ‘cancel’ them. Society expects everyone to be perfect when in reality, It’s not possible to be perfect. For example, Shane Dawson recently made a documentary series about Jake Paul who has shown the world that he has no limits nor morals, but Shane wanted to know why he is the way he is. The beginning of these series, Shawn brings up that he thinks Jake Paul is a psychopath. I don’t believe Shane Dawson is trying to give terrible people platforms but trying to understand their actions.

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