by Nataly Roa

LA Zoo Lights is an event with a 60-90 minute walk through the zoo at night as all the lights create a memorable and beautiful sight. This year, it has been expanded with several new installations. You will get to experience a Christmas themed showcase of lights, making this a perfect date or family night. Upon entering the zoo, you will not only be able to hear and see some of the animals, but you will also get to make the best of memories with your loved ones. Every year, the creative approach towards the lights changes, so this is an event that you should always look forward to.
Not only does the zoo showcase wonderful lights, but they also sell many popular foods ranging from tacos, hamburgers, and seafood. There are also many sweets to buy, including churros, ice cream, cotton candy, and their famous popcorn! What’s a better way to spend your holiday nights than being there to experience magical lights and tasty food?

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