by Nathalia Arevalo
No matter your achievements, personality, or thoughts, you shall only be seen as one thing: fat. You become known as the “fat person” in your school, in your family, and in any social group. People are more than just their weight, but unfortunately, not everyone can see past a person’s physical attributes. An overweight person, for example, can be one of the nicest, the smartest, or the most talented people but still be the fattest person in the class. Society’s beauty standard has resented and disliked those who do not conform to it. People today think they have the same right to judge the health of others as someone with a Ph.D. or a medical degree. Fat shamers hide behind the health aspect of obesity, but in reality, show plain prejudice against fat people. Shaming someone over their weight will not help, it makes things worse.

In no way should you not care about the health of a loved one, or believe that obesity is healthy. The point is that regardless of one’s weight, everyone deserves respect. Before you begin sharing weight advice to your nearest fat person, ask yourself, am I their physician? No? Then move along. Several people perform unhealthy habits such as smoking, vaping, or under eating, but it seems to me that fat people get the most backlashes for it.

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