by Brianna Villalobos
From the day we are born, our parents teach us everything we need to know throughout life. They are by our side for every step of the way, from the moment we take our first steps to the day we get behind the wheel. Parents help differentiate right from wrong with no instruction manual. Parents have an important role on our learning as the first teachers in life. They work hard to teach morals because they love and care for their children. Most importantly, they know their children more than anyone since they have observed them since the day they were born. In other words, children grow up with their family and show their abilities and strengths, so parents can cultivate their strengths.
For school teachers, teaching an entire class is difficult and prevents them from being able to tackle individual problems of a child from a large group. Teachers are mainly concerned with teaching academic subjects and hardly have time to instruct children on important aspects of life, such as values and principles. On the other hand, parents provide direction for their children through their own behavior and values. Values such as loyalty, respect, honesty, discipline, obedience, and integrity are passed on by parents through children. Parents are like shuttles on a loom: they join the threads of the past with threads of the future to leave their own bright patterns as they go.

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