by Guadalupe Mota

Have you ever liked a post on Instagram that you related to on so many levels? Did you continue scrolling or feel that the internet is a world of comfort that understands you? That is because this is exactly the case. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram actually formulate algorithms to keep consumers satisfied by distributing content that does not provoke the viewer’s thoughts.
If a Democrat, for instance, were to log onto their Twitter account, promotions and posts relating to the Democrat Party would appear. There would be no Republican posts on sight because this would frustrate the consumer. The objective of each company is to keep their audiences on the application for as long as possible.
Withholding information from online consumers and picking the pieces of issues and stories that will meet the viewer’s expectations is a clever technique. This is similar to the propaganda techniques and manipulation tactics utilized over the years. People were told what they wanted to hear pleased them and little did they know that they were easily being fooled with these illusions. Not so long ago, Facebook was caught stealing user’s information, bringing about the question if other social media outlets were doing the same. Social media outlets are in fact stealing users’ information, learning about them, and customizing the information given to the consumer, manipulating and forcing them to think certain way. Whoever said “be careful with what you post” had it half right.

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