By Amy Manzinas

Cryptocurrency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and has existed since 2009. Escaping the government supervision on our monetarization was the original promise to cryptocurrency through money not printed by the government, but instead powered by its internet citizens. With the existence of Bitcoin, a form of digital currency, people have been able to purchase items without leaving any trace. Throughout time, this virtual money has come to be more consistent and used amongst the people. But how can we confide in this type of money with our skepticism of online people? The correct answer here is: we can’t.
Anyone can trade in tangible money for cryptocurrency or Bitcoins, and its value has increased for it throughout the years. We’ve become gullible to trusting other’s ethics, but with the ability to conduct anonymous transactions, people can spend Bitcoins on illegal services such as drugs, prostitution, intimate knacks or perverted tendencies. You’d also be relying on the services to prevail when we know that everything that rises must fall. Even if the services don’t shut down, forgetting your Bitcoin password is enough reward because Satoshi Nakamoto’s identify remains unknown, making resetting one’s password impossible.

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