By Minerva Padilla
College is a whole different environment from high school. Many people have different expectations for their arrival to college and on new things they are hoping to experience as a college student. Students were interviewed to see what exactly it is they are expecting college to be like.

“I know that college won’t be easy, it will be a totally different experience that will resemble adulthood and independence. Based on my siblings’ experience I know that it will be nothing like high school because in college everyone is independent”
– Juan Flores (Senior)


“Besides the academic component of college, I expect to feel welcomed and at home. I want college to be a place where I can discover new passions and broaden my views of the world.”
– Catherine Guevara (Junior)

“I expect it to be similar to my high school experience with the same difficult classes, long nights studying for tests, and endless homework assignments. The level of freedom and independence you earn once in college is an expectation I look forward too, along with all the new friendships and experience that will come with it.”
– David Huizar (Junior)

“I expect all the hardship that goes with applying to college and actually going there. I feel like it’s going to be more independent than high school and that you have to be more productive. College is where you see how real life works.
– Katherine De Leon (Senior)


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