On the night of December 28, 1956, sisters Barbara, age 15, and Patricia, age 12, Grimes were reported missing in Brighton Park, Illinois. Earlier that evening, the girls were headed to watch an Elvis movie screening at a Brighton theater. When midnight came, they didn’t arrive home, so their mother became worried and informed the authorities.
Police found the bodies one month after being reported missing on January 22, 1957. They were discovered alongside a road, frozen and nude. The Autopsy revealed no evidence of them being drugged, along with no direct force, stab wounds, or gun wounds on the body. However, it was revealed that Barbara Grimes’ body showed evidence of having been engaged in sexual intercourse prior to or around the time of her death. Authorities could not arrive to a conclusion, so they closed the case and reported the cause of death as “secondary shock due to the exposure of low temperatures”. As of today, the murder of the Grimes sisters remains a mystery.
Multiple theories of the murders emerged during the month the girls went missing. Some people believed that the girls left for Nashville in pursuit of Elvis. Others claimed to have seen the girls on the bus headed home, but only to have gotten off halfway. However, all claims were shattered when the bodies were found on January 22, 1957.

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