By Jennifer De La Torre

As he approaches10 million subscribers, 19-year-old James Charles reveals his collaboration with cosmetics brand, Morphe.                                                       image (12).png

Launching November 13, 2018 on Morphe’s website and displaying in all Ulta stores just three days after, The Sister Collection includes an eyeshadow palette and a brush set. The palette, comprised of 39 shades, is priced at $39. Charles states that this palette is intended for both minimalist makeup wearers and those who prefer more of an experimental glam. The brush set is comprised of 34 tools and priced at $149. This set includes all of Charles’ Morphe favorites.

Charles unveiled the collaboration, which has been in the works for roughly a year, in a YouTube video featuring a self-produced commercial in which he shows off his singing skills and creates a few imaginative looks using the products. The tagline of the commercial is also engraved onto the palette packaging: “Unleash your inner artist” — which is a fitting message given that Charles prides himself in harnessing makeup as an art form, he says, rather than churning out the same tutorials frequented by competing beauty vloggers

“My mission as an artist since I joined the community has always been…doing things nobody would ever dare to do,” he says, “taking a step away from tutorials and making beauty videos, , playing with color and playing with avant garde looks that most people wouldn’t necessarily deem ‘wearable everyday content.’”

Charles is far from the first vlogger to team up with Morphe, but this is a huge step in his early-born career. The company also notably operates an affiliate program where  selected creators can earn a percentage of sales if viewers buy Morphe products using their discount codes. Use code James for 10% off!

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