The “Mandela Effect” is a phenomenon where people experience events from an alternate reality. This phenomenon gives people the belief that there is a parallel universe that exists. The first case that sparked the conspiracy happened to be in 2010, when a paranormal researcher by the name of Fiona Broome noticed that people at a conference she was attending shared her memory that Nelson Mandela died in prison during the 1980s, also remembering seeing his funeral on the news. However, this could not be true because the former president of South Africa was still alive during the 1990s.

Another case would be with the famous kid series, “The Berenstain Bears”. Many people remember the children’s book being spelled “The Berenstein Bears” with an e. But the series has always been “The Berenstain Bears” with an a. Also, in the “Star Wars” movie franchise, Dark Vader says his famous line, “Luke I am your father”. But when people go back to listen to that scene from the movie, they hear “No, I am your father.” These details leave people to question if what they have known their entire lives is actually true.


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